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5 Reasons to love a Tiny Tots Zone

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Tiny Tots Zones gives little ones plenty of room to roam and move

Our Tiny Tots Zones are a firm favorite for 1st Birthday Parties. Here are 5 reason's why you'll love one to entertain the kiddos at your babies first birthday party.

Promotes independent play

Tiny Tots Zones gives little ones plenty of room to roam and move while a parent is close-by but isn't directly involved in the play.

Allows active play on rainy days

When cold or dreary weather puts a pause on our outdoor party plans, Tiny Tots Zones are easily setup indoors and becomes the spot for climbing, crawling, sliding and rolling.

Contains the clutter

Toys migrate! No matter how hard you try and keep them in one place there is always a trail of loose toys wherever kiddos are. Tiny Tots Zones are a great space that contains balls, soft play toys and low level climbing equipment.

A great place to practice pulling to a stand

The sides of the Tiny Tots Zones are only 40cm high which is just the right height for little ones to grab and pull to a stand.

No space at home

Space can sometimes be an issue when hosting a birthday party. Tiny Tots Zones can be setup anywhere! A park or a community/church hall can be a great choice if you don't have the space at home.

Our great range of Tiny Tots Zones can be found here;

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