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Kids Party Hire Perth – Easy steps to plan your next children's party

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Planning the perfect kids party can be fun! So much fun! Whether you are doing it on a budget, spending large or having a relaxed affair, the most important thing to remember is; to be sure your kiddo has a good time!

Irrespective of how you choose to party, you'll still need to be organised to ensure you pull off the perfect party. Here are 8 easy steps to help you plan your child's birthday party.

1. Choose your party theme

This one’s a biggie because you can’t really plan anything until you’ve chosen your party theme. But there are so many themes to choose from that you can feel a bit spoilt for choice! Pinterest is chock a block full of party theme ideas. Some popular ones we have seen on our travels include;

  • Frozen

  • Barnyard

  • Superhero

  • Llama

  • ONEderland

  • Woodland

  • Boho Wild One

  • Safari

Not every party necessarily needs a theme, but a colour scheme can work well too. Choose a monochromatic colour pallet like black white and silver or go all out and splash your party with a rainbow of colour!

Kids Party Hire Perth | Colourful Children's Party

2. Define your budget

Decide how much you want to spend. This is very important because the cost can really add up so quickly when you impulse buy. The best way to avoid over-spending is to set a budget and stick to it.

How much should you spend on a party? This is up to you but once you’ve set your budget, the real planning can start!

3. Set a date, choose your venue and prepare the guest list

These are the nitty gritty details that you should sorted out early on. Throwing your party at home and limiting the guest list to a reasonable number is one of the best ways to throw a party on a budget, but if you can afford to be a bit more extravagant why not hire a venue?

Just make sure you let people know when it will be a couple of weeks in advance so that they can save the date and not miss out on the celebrations.

4. Send your invites

As you know, there is simply no point planning a party if you don’t give people enough notice to save the date. We’d recommend sending your invites about three weeks before the party to ensure your guests don't make other plans.

5. Stock up on party supplies and decorations

This part is so much fun! Decide whether you want to go simple or all out remember to stick to your budget! There is no use blowing your budget on decorations and not having anything left in the kitty to feed your guests.

Decorations like balloons can look super stylish and it doesn’t take a creative genius to make them look good! Stick to a few main colours to guarantee your party decorations look perfectly colour-coordinated. You can opt to DIY it with a balloon garland kit or you could choose to get a balloon specialist in to create a a backdrop for you which allow you the time to get onto other bits and pieces you'll need to do on the day.

When it comes to party supplies, there are heaps of options available. You could visit you favourite party supply store to pick out your partyware or you could opt for a done for you Party in a Box option.

6. Plan you Entertainment

I can't put enough emphasis on how important this point is! There is absolutely no reason to have a birthday party if your little guests are going to be board out of their minds! Whether you choose to include good old fashioned party games such as pin the tail and duck, duck goose, or if you choose to hire entertainment make sure you have allocated some of your budget for this. If you intend booking party toys or a ball pit or if you plan on bringing in a children's entertainer make sure you book at least 4 weeks in advance to avoid your preferred supplier being booked out.

7. The Birthday Cake

What's a party without a cake? If you aren't baking it yourself, jazzing up a supermarket ready-baked cake getting a cake expert to bake for you make sure you plan this well in advance too. If you’re making your own, or jazzing up a ready-baked cake, it’s a good idea to do a trial run on new recipes and decoration ideas to avoid any baking disasters! If you are using a baker, ensure you order your cake at least 3 weeks before your party. Perth has so many talented cake makers you'll be spoilt for choice!

8. Plan your party food

Whether you are planning your party on a budget or not, plan out what party food you’ll need in advance to make sure you’ll have enough to feed everyone. If you are asking family members to bring a salad or a plate of snacks make sure that they know in advance what you'd like them to contribute. If you are bringing in a caterer to do a buffet meal or a grazing table ensure you book them well in advance.

There you go, now you have the essential steps to plan your next children's birthday party! We look forward to help you celebrate your little ones next birthday party!

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