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5 Party Games for Toddlers

Toddlers are so much fun (most of the time) and unlike older kids, they enjoy all sorts of party games. They may not have the best listening skills, but they’ll have a blast and learn some great qualities like patience and acceptance while they play. Here’s a list of five of our favourite games for toddler parties.

Pass the Ball

Unlike pass the parcel, where younger kids are known for keeping the parcel and ripping into it even when it’s not their turn, pass the ball eliminates a lot of tears. Like pass the parcel, get the kids to sit in a circle and pass the ball around while music plays. When the music stops, whoever has the ball gets to get up and pick a prize from the prize bag. Keep going until everyone has a prize!

Duck Duck Goose

You can’t go wrong with this classic game! Sit the kids in a circle, and choose one to walk around the circle and tap the other children on the head while saying, “duck, duck, duck”. They then have to randomly say “goose” when they tap a kid’s head, and the child that got tapped must get up and chase the tapper. If the tapper makes it back to the spot the chasing child was in, then the chaser is now the goose. This goes on for as long as you like, and kids always love chasing each other!

Musical Statues

This is another classic party game, and all you need is music! You let the kids dance around and have a ball, then when you stop the music they have to freeze (like statues) until you start the music up again. You don’t have to make the kids who move sit out, like in the traditional version of the game, since that’s a bit harsh on little kids.

You can offer a sticker or little prize for each child who ‘freezes’ the best in each round, making sure that each kid gets one before you end the game.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

There are so many variations around nowadays so you’re sure to find a version of this that suits your party theme, such as ‘put the crown on the princess’ or ‘pin the propeller on the plane’. This is a great game for teaching little ones about taking turns and waiting patiently too.

Ball Pit Treasure Hunt

We play this game a lot at Tumble Tots. The little ones always have so much fun, and it’s a great way to keep them occupied. The kids are given a list of small items like toy figurines, different size/texture balls, cars, even a teddy that have been hidden in the ball pit and they have (x) amount of time to find the items.

We also love having the kids play Marco Polo in our larger ball pit; when you have a few kids, it keeps them entertained and helps them expel some energy - always a bonus when you want them to nap on the way home!

Games with flexibility and plenty of chances for prizes are perfect for keeping toddlers entertained during a party. We love helping you make your little one’s party a success, and have plenty of other ideas for fun party games for kids of all ages.

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