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5 Tips to Party Planning on a Budget

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

5 Tips to help you plan your next party on a budget

You don’t need to go over the top with your child’s birthday parties - we’re not all lucky enough to be able to hold extravagant events each year like celebrities do! Many Aussie families are feeling the pinch, but we don’t want our kids to miss out. And they don’t have to! We’ve gathered some tips for you to help you plan your next birthday on a budget, without compromising on the things that make a birthday party so wonderful for kids.

Cheap shops are your friend

Don’t spend a fortune on things like paper plates or party favours at supermarkets or party stores, when your local two-dollar shop has plenty of great things to choose from at a fraction of the price! Some shops even have licensed items, so you can get your kid’s favourite character on the party supplies. When you do purchase party-ware, you generally have leftovers. Another price busting option would be to purchase “party in a box” kits. You can usually let the supplier know how many you are catering for and they will provide the right amount of plates, cups and serviettes etc. So, no needless leftovers.

Buy in advance if your budget is tight

Birthdays are on the same day each year, but sometimes things get away from us and we find ourselves running around like a headless chook trying to get everything ready in time. Getting organised ahead of time means you can buy an item or two a week and spread the cost of the party over weeks or months, making it easier on your budget.

Time the party for morning or afternoon tea

Having a party at lunch time means more food, which means more expenses! When you have a party before or after lunch, all you need is a snack table and the cake. This saves you a lot of money, and finger foods can be a lot easier to prepare as well, which saves you some time. Cut up veggies, some biscuits, party pies and sausage rolls; these are all cheap and quick to make or prepare and will keep the kids happy!

Woolies or Coles Mud Cake Hack - cheap and easy

Paying for a professional cake to be made can be expensive, and though they are definitely worth the cost for the effort that goes into them, sometimes it’s just not feasible to buy one. What many clever parents are doing is buying a mud cake from Coles or Woolies (they only cost about $5) and then using lollies, toys and sprinkles to decorate them. You get a cake that makes a big impact but doesn’t cost a fortune! You can customise it to suit your child’s likes or party theme, which is great.

Have the party at home

It can be tempting to have a party at a play place, so that the food and entertainment is taken care of, but this quickly turns into an expensive exercise. Especially when you have to pay for the attendees in advance, and then some don’t show!

By having a party at home, you’re saving on venue costs and entrance fees at a minimum! You can hire soft play equipment or ball pits for your party, have simple crafts activities (age-appropriate), or even things like a sandpit can be hours of fun for kids.

Talk to us about what options we have to make your next party fun for your littles ones!

Having a great birthday party doesn’t have to cost the earth - use our tips to make sure your kids have a birthday to remember, without blowing the budget.

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