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Delivery Information

As many of our items are quite large we only offer a delivery service.


Delivery is worked out on a per km basis with a minimum fee of $30. Please advise us of your suburb when making your booking inquiry so that we can provide an estimate delivery cost.

Delivery Days/Times:

Saturday - Sunday 8am - 6pm

Public Holidays 9am - 5pm


Your delivery and collection time will be set taking into account your party times and other hires for the day and will fall within the times above. 


The hire period is the duration of your party with a maximum hire time of 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday and 8 hours on Public Holidays and will be set within the times above. 


Should you have your party in a park, community hall or private venue we will work with you to ensure that you have your equipment delivered when you have access to your venue and collect before you have to vacate.


Should your party fall outside of the above delivery/collection times please let us know and we will try and accommodate your needs.  A late collection fee of $40 per hour will apply after 6pm and 5pm on public holidays.


Note: Set-up and dismantle of the equipment is not included in the delivery price, however, all of our equipment, excluding the Tunnels, come with simple, easy-to-follow set-up instructions.


Violet and Timothy Tunnel requires set-up by a Tumble Tots Party Hire team member and this will be done on arrival at your home or venue.

Why you can't collect equipment from us

To ensure that the equipment that you hire from us is in excellent condition, we are VERY particular about the way our equipment is transported.


Except our smaller soft play items such as the Little Builders Sets and Counting Blocks and toys such as slides and rockers, the majority of our equipment is quite large and heavy (our ball pit and climbing stairs weigh 25kg each).


The smallest length ball pit walls we have is 2m and in our years of doing business with clients like you, we have come across very few that are able to fit at a minimum; 4 ball pit walls, 2000 balls, a slide and EVA mats in their family car or who have an enclosed 7x5 flatbed trailer.


Besides ensuring that the equipment is transported in a safe manner, the convenience of the service shouldn't be discounted. Do you really want to be driving around on the day of your party collecting and returning equipment? We are certain that you will have better things to do with your time!


We do allow collection of Tables and Chairs. This is by prior agreement only.

Reasonable Access

As our equipment is bulky we need to take into consideration access to venue/premises that we deliver to.  We ask for complete transparency with regards to premises so we can assess suitability and ease of delivery. Tumble Tots Party Hire reserves the right to request further information about a venue/premises or require an inspection prior to delivery to ascertain suitable access. 


Premises that have more than 10 stairs and/or where the set-up area is more than 50m from the delivery vehicle will attract a high-risk fee. This fee is $180 and will be added to your invoice on booking. Tumble Tots Party Hire reserves the right to cancel a booking on site should you fail to bring to our attention any obstacles that may cause the movement of the equipment from our vehicle to the setup area to be deemed unsuitable and if such setup area is further than 50m from the delivery vehicle and should you have failed to bring to the attention of Tumble Tots Party Hire any stairs that may be present at the delivery address. All monies paid will be forfeited. Tumble Tots Party Hire shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising out of the enforced cancellation of your booking. 

Park Delivery Restrictions

There are certain parks, such as Hyde Park, Sir James Mitchell Park and some areas of South Perth Foreshore, that prohibit or have restricted vehicle access. 


Due to the size of the parks and the distance that the equipment may need to be carried, Tumble Tots Party Hire reserves the right to refuse to off load, setup or allow the use of equipment on the day of the booking should we arrive at the park and your party location is more than 50m from the delivery vehicle. Please note that this is not negotiable and should we deem the area to be too far from the delivery vehicle and you are unable/unwilling to relocate your setup to another area all monies paid will be forfeited. 

We have indicated on the Hyde Park Map (click to view) which areas are suitable for setup.


For other parks please advise, on initial inquiry, where you intend setting up and we will advise if the location is suitable or not.  There are specific zones within the South Perth Foreshore and Sir James Mitchell Park that do allow vehicle access.  It is your responsibility to arrange vehicle access with the local government authority facilities booking department.

Equipment Use and Return Condition

Please see our Terms and Conditions of Hire regarding extra charges that may occur if the equipment is not returned in the same condition as it was hired out in.

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