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Dinosaur Party - John's Rawwr-some 5th Birthday

A Dino deluxe party for John’s RAWWR-some 5th birthday! This prehistoric party will make you feel like you’ve just taken a step into Jurassic Park! Fuelled with Dinosaur friendly elements from the O.J waterhole, to the Pterodactyl nests! A dinosaur sanctuary for all dinos and humans alike!

Monochromatic hues of green brought the outdoors to the indoors for this party! Whilst the abundance of dino decorations truly allowed for this party to roar with success! From leaves to terrariums, many organic features created this jungle oasis! Sweet treats were provided for the sweetivores, and fruit treats for the herbivores! No matter what kind of dino’s attended this party, their dietary requirements were sure met!

The simplicity of the table setting really completed this dino decorated party! The moss green table runner and dino party hats were little additions that really completed the styling! Whilst the abundance of greenery popped against the black and gold accent colours!


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